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My elderly cousin suffered a stroke mid 2013 which affected the right side of her body. She felt the effects of this in a very painful right bicep muscle. Two other effects hindered her daily functioning. Her speech had become slurred and indistinct and her ability to swallow means her food has to be pulverized.

Through Miwa’s weekly cranial sacral therapy sessions over a number of weeks I am so happy to report two wonderful results. A newly opened pathway from the brain has released the build-up of toxins in Agnes’ bicep and she is free of pain. Secondly everyone in her large family has noticed and spoken about the clarity of her speech since beginning therapy with Miwa.
We’re hoping for a third miracle at the hands of this very focused and skilled therapist!
— Fran
After a couple of sessions with Akio, I’m starting to feel a real difference. My body has been unbalanced for a long time, and regular massages at my previous clinic were not helping with my sports injuries.

Akio has a deep understanding of the human body, and knows just what to do to assist with my problems. I appreciate that he takes the time to understand what my body needs, and gives me a personalised massage every time.
— Dan, Wanaka
I recently suffered from an injury, and saw Miwa for treatment. The massage released a lot of the tightness and associated pain. I will continue to get massages from Miwa as part of my rehabilitation. I would recommend her to anyone.
— Chris, Wanaka
The session was very calming and relaxing. I felt warmth and a tingling sensation in the areas of my body that she touched.
I had an injury on my foot/ankle area which has taken about 6 months to heal but still causes me discomfort, swelling, stiffness, discolouration and a numb sensation. The rest of the evening the tingling feeling in my foot continued, right until I went to sleep. In the morning my foot felt considerably better. A lot of the normal stiffness had gone and the general colour looked a lot better.
— Josephine

Ask to see Miwa for a massage or cranioscaral, she is absolutely fabulous at both. You couldn't wish for a nicer or more skilled practitioner.
                                                                                                                                                                         _ Jennie, Wanaka

One of the best massage I have ever had. Miwa was really friendly and made me feel very comfortable. She was very keen to answer all of queries and explained everything wonderfully. She was really good at attending to my needs and asking how I was doing. I would highly recommend Miwa and Alive body for massage therapy for everyone and will revisit her soon. Overall my whole experience was absolutely wonderful. Thank you Miwa and Alive body
  _ Preya, Wanaka

I was given the gift of a cranial sacral therapy with Miwa for on going issues with my head from head injuries I sustained from a mountain bike accident on 19th Dec 2015.The gift came all the way from the USA from a very kind gentleman who was so impressed with Miwas treatments that he felt this is what would really help me. Of course I took the offer up and was so incredibly grateful that I did. I could feel different energetic sensations throughout my body where the potency was moving and I just knew that whatever was happening was exactly what my body needed. My head cleared even more from the fog I was in and I felt the treatment addressed all of my injuries. I felt very safe in Miwa’s care. She is an exceptional health professional and i hope to have many more sessions with her as my body heals. Thank you Miwa
ーLyn Wanaka

It was great experience and very relaxing time I spent there. I walk around all day at work so it was definitely helpful to heal my body and am for sure to come back for another session. Thank you!
ーEri Wanaka

I was very pleased to find a biodynamic craniosacral therapist in Wanaka. Miwa was wonderful. Great treatment to settle the nervous system and restore balance and alignment.
ー Tammy Hawks Bay